Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Some Assembly Required

Chris and I discovered another joy of parenthood, the after Christmas putting together of all your kids toys. My parents and I got Milo and exer-saucer and it took Chris and hour and a half to get the darn thing put together. He said who ever wrote the instructions had to have been drunk. And, of course, after we got it all together we had to run to the store to get the 50 million batteries needed to operate it. We still haven’t tackled the high chair he got from the his Nanny and Papa. We needed to recoup form the exer-saucer.

All the parts and pieces

Ahhh power tools

...and where was momma during all of this? Sitting in the glider taking pictures, drinking hot cocoa.

Bailey was a little freaked out by the new toy

Sniffing just to make sure it's okay

Milo on the playmat

Milo enjoying the exer-saucer. This makes putting the toys together all worth it.

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The Q. Family said...

Ooooh! He loves the exersaucer! Strong little neck on the fellow too! Such a cutie-pants!!