Monday, January 19, 2009

All in a Days Play

If playing is a toddlers work then Milo is a workaholic.
My sweet, beautiful baby boy
I love his chubby cheeks, poofy red lips, gorgeous grey-blue eyes, and perpetually untidy blond hair
"ooooh!!! BALL!!!!"
Practicing with a big cup
"grrrr... I'll just bite it instead."
Juice and snack break
Playing can make a boy parched.
He would come and get the goldfish out of my hand and place them on the floor. Since it was a freshly vacuumed carpet I figured, what the heck.
I guess when he got enough in the pile he decided it was time to chow down,
which was all cool until he stepped in them. Snack time on the floor end quickly so I didn't have to clean grind in goldfish out of my rug.



Emmett McCarty Cullen said...

He is so adorable!

Michelle said...

As always, beautiful shots!

Shannah said...

I really thought I left a comment here already--I'm losing it!

I love his jumper, with the little dog on it. :-)