Friday, May 15, 2009

A Comfy Place to Park It

We have wanted to get Milo his own little chair for a while now. He has been sitting in his car or on a little patio chair that we had in the living room but we wanted something more comfortable for him and something that he could grow with for a few years. After months of searching for the perfect chair we finally found one and Milo ADORES his chair. He definitely knows it’s HIS chair too. Chris was teasing him and sat down in his chair and he got the biggest hurt puppy dog look on his face and started to put up a major protest to get daddy out of his chair! I tried it again the next day and he came and tackled me. I turned it into a game though and tipped over in the chair with him and that started a whole new thing because he LOVES to wrestle with mama and daddy.
Yup, it has his name on it, I couldn't resist!

He likes to drive over the arms of the chair and then roll out onto the floor.
After he got over the shock the first time he jumped into it and tipped it over it became a fun game. I would say I am either going to have to keep it up against something or keep it out in the open so, at least, he won't hit anything when he does that but it has a handle on the back so he can drag it around. I'm not sure what to do about that.


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