Saturday, May 16, 2009

Squeak Squeak

Around the time Milo first started to walk I was told by an internet friend of mine about Wee Squeaks. They are little shoes for toddlers with squeakers in the bottom. They might drive some people crazy but I thought they were really funny. Milo got a red pair for Christmas and they have been my favorite pair of shoes he has ever had. Even though he’s been able to walk since he turned one, he really just now getting into them. He loves to stomp as hard as he can and run as fast as his little legs can go when he wears them so he can hear the squeak. Unfortunately he’s also pretty much grown out of them. He has such a big foot and we got them a little big hoping they would last a while but his foot grows so fast he barely even wears out shoes! If his feet and his progress on the height charts are any indication Milo is going to be tall just like his daddy.

Him playing in his shoes was too cute not to get on video one last time before I had to retire his red squeaker shoes to the outgrown shoes box for the next kid. He has so much fun with them I might have get him a bigger pair of squeakers for his birthday.

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jaxmom said...

Oh my gosh!! Those are hilarious! What little boy wouldn't want shoes that make noise when they run? How fun!