Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Golfer in Training

We got Milo a little set of plastic golf clubs recently and he LOVES them. He's had them for like two weeks now and he plays with them all day everyday. They were pretty inexpensive and they have been one he most favorite toys EVER! I love it when that happens!!!! Them came with 3 little clubs, a little plastic caddy, two "holes" with flags and three little golf balls and he can not get enough of "playing golf" (which actually means whacking things with the clubs throwing the balls, and wheeling around his caddy). He does try to hit the ball for a while when we practice with him though but it always reverts back to just randomly playing with the stuff. He will also try to “tee off” using the “hole”. He’ll put the ball down in the hole and then try to hit it out of there with is club. I don’t even know how he figured out how to do that! I didn’t show him that and I don’t think Chris did either.

Milo playing golf and daddy teaching him how


Shannah said...

I love the way Milo squeals when you all clapped at him! :-)

Also, I noted that Bailey was being very good with his ball, too...

The Q. Family said...

How cute! Collin has the same set of golf clubs (from Walmart??) and he is obsessed with them too!!