Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Road to Readiness

I have some friends who are or were, before they started staying home with their kids, kindergarten or pre-school teachers and they have been talking about all the skills that kids need now BEFORE they get to kindergarten. Listening to them talk has made me realize that kindergarten is not even remotely like it was when I was there. Some schools don't even have recess any more. There is so much I didn't even realize that Milo would have to know BEFORE he even got to kindergarten or he would be behind before he even set foot in the door.
With this in mind I recently went to a big homeschooling book fair with a couple of friends of mine to check it out and see if there might be a few things that I could use to get Milo ready for kindergarten over the next few years. While I was there I got lots of ideas and I came across the A Beka Books stand. This is the curriculum that my younger brother Ben and I learned to read with and Ben was reading by three so I figured it can't be too bad! Not that I expect Milo to be able to read at three, Ben was exceptional in that way and in many others, but they had some stuff for two years olds that looked neat so I thought I would get them and give them a try starting in the fall when Milo turns two.
Milo's books came yesterday! They're so cute, I am so excited!


Nikki Bettis said...

We LOVE Abeka!!! They have such great stuff especially in the younger grades. The children love how colorful it all is. We used their math stuff for years but recently made the switch to Saxon and it beats anything we've ever tried. You seriously should get "Teach Your Child How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". You can find it on Ebay for somewhat cheaper than stores. It is absolutely the best as far as reading goes. It has Aubrey reading...she'd be doing more if I did it everyday with her...and Garrison and Grant reading 3 and 4 letter words. You can't go wrong since you can't screw it up. It has what the teacher needs to say in red and then what the children should say and, if not, what to do next. It is awesome!!! Talk about a head start. Garrett now knows a ton of the sounds and will be reaing in no time...and he just turned 3!

You'll love Abeka though. It's way fun and I love just piddling around with them learning shapes, colors, numbers and letters.

And the school here said if they don't go to Pre-K then they're already behind. And Pre-K goes from 7:30-4pm just like all the other kids. They even take naps there! It's more like a daycare if you ask me. I love having them all home. Public school is definitely not all its cracked up to be....said after having been on both the homeschool and public school side of things. I figured the younger grades couldn't be too bad and would get them reading. It only took 6 months to figure out it sucked.

Have fun!

jaxmom said...

Cute books! You'll have to let us know how everything goes. How fun!

Elaine said...

Have fun with your little guy! Also, loved all the recent photos. You take great pictures!