Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up Coming Plane Trip

We are about to take Milo first plane trip to go see Chris graduate. I'm excited about our vacation but I am also very nervous becuase this will not only be the first vacation we have taken with Milo but it will be his first plane trip as well. Since he is under two he is going to be traveling as a lap child so we won't have a seat to strap him into. I'm worried that he'll won't want to stay put and will try to bounce all over the plane, I mean after all he is a toddler, they're not exactly known for staying still. I am worried that I won't be able to keep him entertained. I am worried that because we have to get up so early he'll be tired and cranky but won't be able to sleep. I am worried that his normal toddler chatter will annoy everyone. He's not really a screamer but he can definitely get on a chattering role. I'm worried that becuase I'm already nervous I'll be short with him for just acting like a toddler and not sitting in my lap like a perfect little angle that will just make things worse. Basically I'm very nervous, having never flown with a toddler before. If anyone who has flown with their older baby has any advise, please, lay it on me!


The Q. Family said...

It will be MUCH better than you think it will be!

A) Even though he's getting up earlier than normal, he will be wired! So many new things to look at and see and touch! He's gonna love it!
B) Keep a paci handy for take-offs and landings. Also, bring Tux or whatever other Lovey he has.
C) Pack him a backpack filled with toys, books, snacks, empty sippy cups (buy water once you're inside the airport or bring some of those single-sized Horizon milk boxes that you don't have to refrigerate)
D) Bring some unique things for him to play with, like straws, a pill-box filled with fun treats in each section (i.e. Cheerios, M&M's, raisins, etc.), empty plastic cups to stack, etc.
E) Let him stand up in between you and Chris's legs for something different to do
F) Let him play with the light button overhead
G) Take pictures! Planes are so loud that even if he does cry, no one will be able to hear him except for the folks in the first few rows around you. But I bet he'll do great Abby!

Y'all have fun!! :)

Nikki Bettis said... we haven't done a plane with any of them but it's about the same as getting a little guy like Gavin to sit through a silent church service....except better since you have a relaxed environment and plane noise! Take a goody bag filled with novelties he hasn't seen before. We LOVE the dollar stores!!! They're filled with little stocking stuffer like treats all year round. Our kids rarely eat sugar or drink anything other than water or milk so we do gummi bears and either white grape juice so it doesn't show up on clothes or apple or Lemonade Crystal's light colored too. Oh....Teddy Grahams are also a huge novelty to them since we don't have those around at home. Gavin also loves those little puff balls you can get in the craft section. I have no clue what they're called. But they're like little pom poms. And for whatever reason he still LOVES baby Ivye's stuff. So that'll kee him going for a long while. And you've got the benefit of the plane where they don't neccessarily have to be quiet toys. I'm sure I'll think of more ideas. We've done this enough times you'd think I'd just be able to rattle them off. We've finally gotten the little ones to sit through the service without any entertainment and be quiet so I've got to think back through what we were doing that worked so well. HA!

But as an encouragement....tons of the Above Rubies moms have done it with their younger kids. One of my close friends did it alone with her 2 yr and 6 month old. She was a nervous wreck but she came back glowing and confident that she could take on the world. She said it was so much easier than she had originally expected and they both did sooo great. In fact..she couldn't believe it was already time for the flight to end. You'll do well and so will Milo!

Nessa said...

Abby, it's going to be fine. I flew alone with Tristen from DFW to PA when he was about Milo's age. Everything went really well. The Q Family gave you some great tips. Just do some research about flying with a toddler and get all the good advice you can. Try not to stress over it and just enjoy your trip!