Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 month update

Milo had his two month check up today and everything went well. He weighs in at 11.2 lbs. and measures in at 23.5 inches. It’s looking like he is going to be long and thin just like his daddy! The Dr. did put him on Zantac because she thought the reason that he can’t sleep on his back (or any other way) is because he may be having acid reflux. When he lies on his back it comes up into his throat and hurts him so we’re going to try it for a week and see how it goes. He also got the first of his shots at this appointment. I had to hold his arms down and it nearly broke my heart. I was proud of myself though because I didn’t actually cry. As far as milestones are concerned he is hitting all of them right on or ahead of schedule. He can do little pushups, hold his head steady and at a 45 degree angle and bear weight on his legs. My favorite Milestone though is that he is imitating other people’s facial expressions and cooing. His favorite place to interact with us is on the changing table. I think it’s just the right height for him to be able to really see us well. I must admit it takes longer than it should to change his diaper because I love to listen to him talk to me and see him smile.


The Q. Family said...

The new page looks AWESOME!! Makes me super excited for Christmas!

melissa said...

I am so glad that he is growing nice and health. Enjoy this time while you can, it will go fast!

You will have to tell me how you are able to add pictures to your title. I can not figur that part out yet.