Friday, November 30, 2007

Passing on the Strangeness

So Sleepy

One of my weird personal quirks is that I use my hair dryer for a heater. It all started with the fact that my parents kept it VERY cold in our house and I was always freezing so when I would be in my room reading I would turn on the hair dryer to warm my feet while I read and now I am positively addicted to my hair dryer. It gotten to the point where I can’t read with out turning it on and I always read a little before I go to sleep so I always turn my hair dryer on before I go to sleep.

Milo has been sleeping in our room since we brought him home so he has been hearing my hair dryer running at night since the day we brought him home. A few nights ago he was really fussy and just would go to sleep even though he was exhausted (this is a pretty typical occurrence, that boy hates to fall asleep). We tried everything we could think of to help he go to sleep but nothing was working. So I took the monitor into the computer room and left Chris to deal with it. All of the sudden the monitor get staticy sounding and I look on the screen and Milo is sound asleep. Chris had turned on my hair dryer and it totally calmed him down. Chris and I both laughed so hard. I think it will be so funny if he ends up having the same personal quirk as his momma. I mean let’s face it it’s not really normal to be addicted to you hair dryer.


Nikki Bettis said...

Hey...I tagged you!!! Go to my blog to see and then copy and paste and do it on your's. It's pretty fun!

melissa said...

I guess if you are going to pass on strange habits, that would be one! It could be something alot worse... like moving your lips when you talk to yourself:)


Shannah said...

Hey... I turn on my hair dryer in the morning when I get dressed, even after my hair is dry. I like the noise and warmth, too...

Weird together, eh?

The Q. Family said...

Ha Ha! That is awesome Abby! I remember that hairdryer. =) Yay for white noise!