Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adjusting My Camera and the First Smile pic

I finally figured out how to manually adjust the shutter speed and aperture on my camera. I lost the English version of the manual that came with my camera and was only left with the Spanish version (I could so kick myself for not taking Spanish in high school) so it finally dawned on me to look on the Internet to find it out (I know was a little slow on the uptake). Here are a few pics that I took of Milo while finally being able to manipulate the image.

Also Here is Milo's first smile picture. It's not the first time he's smiled but the first time getting it on camera. It makes me heart melt when he looks and me a grins that great big grin. It's one of the most emotionally rewarding things that has ever happened to me. I love my son so much!


The Q. Family said...

Abby, you have a gorgeous baby!! Thanks so much for sharing the photos. I love the smile picture. What type of camera do you have? It takes some awesome pictures! We're wanting to buy a new one within the next few weeks before Baby Q gets here, do you have any recommendations?

Shannah said...

He looks like you. I mean it. I don't want to offend Chris, but that nose and eyes are definitely Abby! (And I think he looks fabulous, especially with the big 'ol grin.)