Monday, November 26, 2007

Goodbye Gracie

We put Gracie down today. For those of you who don't know Gracie is our Great Dane who had epilepsy. She had been on a down hill slide for a while now. It was so hard to leave her at the vet knowing that I would never see her again. Doing the responsible adult thing is terrible sometimes. Gracie was a great dog, so sweet and friendly. She epitomized the phrase "gentle giant" that's used to describe Great Danes. This has been especially hard on Chris because she was his dog. He had always wanted a Great Dane so she was kind of the fulfillment of a dream for him. She will be missed so much.

This is my Favorite pic of Gracie. I think it really captures her personality

Playing dress up

Laying in the hall because she knew that she wasn't allowed in the room

Sitting on the couch

Puppy Face

At the park

Chasing Bailey

I liked to kiss her on the nose. She got so used to it that she would walk right up to anybody that came to our house and stick her nose in their face for a nose kiss.

Dancing with Daddy


Nessa said...

Oh I'm so sorry guys! Hugs to you both!

melissa said...

I am sorry that you had to put her down. You can tell that she was loved and will be missed dearly.

The Q. Family said...

I'm so sorry Abby and Chris! Animals are truly members of our family and it's just as painful to lose one of them as it is anyone else. I'm sending prayers your way.

Shannah said...

Wonderful Pictures. Wonderful Dog.

I will miss her, too.

(my favorite is the one with the red boa)