Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today was My Brother's Birthday

Ben would have been 27 today. I still miss him so much and he has been gone for over four years now. I wish he could have been at my wedding and had one of his own. I wish he could see my son. He was so funny, I love to sit and laugh with him. I miss laughing with him. I don't think that I'll ever really get over him not being here.

Here are a few of my favorite Ben pics. There are ofcourse so many more but these are the ones that I have. Most of the pic of Ben are at my parents' house. I didn't really get into digital photography until after Ben died so most of these were scanned in.

Ben with his 21st birthday cake. My mother told him to order it himself and it says "Ben is Cool" on it.

Ben asleep on the couch with his bull dog puppies Lumpy and Bumpy. Those dogs were the funniest thing ever. We laughed at them alot.

The day we got Lumpy and Bumpy

Proud owner of a new home that had yet to be built

Pretending to read the plans

Ben and me at Brad and Nikki's wedding

I think he was about a year old in this one

Musician in the making

This one was taken Christmas 2001

This is from our trip to New York. We went there mainly so Ben could see a taping of The Daily Show but he forgot to confirm the tickets so we ended up just bumming
around for three days and then came home

Here he is at the Toy's R Us in Time Square


The Q. Family said...

Abs, I have fond memories of Ben too... I remember when I first met him, he looked exactly like he did in the picture with you at Brad and Nikki's wedding: handsome and fun. Happy Birthday Ben!

Elaine said...

Abby, What great pictures of Ben. They made me smile thinking about him. I am sure he and Amy are having a fun time today celebrating and laughing in heaven. I know you miss him and I am thankful for the wonderful fun memories you have of Ben. I love the quote below...and wanted to share it with you!
What the heart has once owned...
It shall never lose.
H.W. Beecher
Love, Elaine

Shannah said...

I am thinking of you and your time with Ben and praying. What a crazy wonderful thing to have had such a brother.

Love you, dear.