Monday, May 5, 2008

Back from the Doc

We got back from the doc and not only does Milo have a burn but also he has an ear infection and a sinus infection. I am so glad I took him in just to find that out. Man!, when it rains it pours. She said that since it was an open wound I was doing the right thing by keeping Neosporin on it and keeping it covered. My poor baby


The Q. Family said...

OMG, what happened?? Poor baby! I hope he feels betetr very soon Abs!

Nessa said...

Hugs to both of you! I am so sorry ya'll are going through this. The joys of motherhood! Kiss baby boy for me and tell Chris to give you a big hug for me too! Love ya!

Shannah said...

Oh Abby I'm so sorry.