Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camp Papa

Chris and I spent the last week on vacation and going to his cousins wedding. We had a blast but we MISSED Baby Boy who stayed with his Nanny and Papa while we were away. They were so sweet and sent us pics and MP3's of Milo talking while we were there. Milo had a ton of fun at "Camp Papa". He played with his cousins, took soaks in the hot tub (baths in the sink), and made his very first piece of art (after which he immediately got put in the hot tub). Papa even put together a video of all the fun at "Camp Papa". It was so cute and all the pics and stuff made it easier to be away from him. I'm hoping to be able to get it on the blog soon but I am not quite sure how. I missed him the whole time but was able to relax and enjoy my "time off" until the last day or two. After that I just hit a wall and needed to get home to my baby. James and Jessica's wedding was beautiful and we had a good time but I am not in any hurry to leave my sweet baby again anytime soon.

Milo's first piece of art.

The beautiful couple, James and Jessica.


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The Q. Family said...

Hi Abs,
I've been wondering where you have been! So glad you were able to enjoy yourself-- it's so bittersweet to be away from them isn't it? Glad you're back safe and sound. Love the art!