Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belated Mothers's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mommy's in my life. I have learned so much from each of you. The combination of wisdom and experience I have received from each of you has helped make me a better mother. Thank you for all that you do for your families and all the love you have shown. You will be so blessed!

Baby Boy and I spent Mother's Day with my own mother who unfortunately got sick as soon as we got there. Even though she couldn't eat a bite of it my dad made us steaks and boy, were they tasty!

Here is me on Mother's day last year. I was 21 weeks pregnant and felt so huge. Little did I know what HUGE really meant!

Here is the baby who was in that bump! I can't believe how fast time is flying by. It doesn't seem like Milo should already be 7 months old.

Granmaw and Milo



Shannah said...

Wonderful pictures.

Wonderful mother, wonderful baby.

The Q. Family said...

I love his outfit and hair Abby! And I'm so glad he is feeling better and you are feeling better too. :o)

Nikki Bettis said...

Love the do! He and Gavin were sporting the same do on the same day! Great taste! His hair is dark enough that it really shows up on him though!!! LOL! He's still just one of the 8 cutest things ever. But then, of course, I'm a little prejudiced.

Nikki Bettis said...

Forgot to say...isn't the then and now one of the most amazing things ever??? To think of all that you have experienced since that 1st Mother's Day pic is just always such an incredible thing to me. Oh, the things that 1 year holds. It goes by so fast. Don't take any of it for granted...the sleepless nights, the milestones, the joys, the tears, the frustrations, the journey of parenting. It seems like yesterday Grayson was only 5 months old and here we are 10 years later. Ther is such a joy yet such a bittersweetness that accompanies parenthood.

I love the pic too of Milo in the little garden cart at your mom's.

We'll miss y'all this weekend!