Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Games We play

I love the age Milo is at (Chris says I say that with every stage). I love all the games we play with him and all the new things he is learning. "Peak-a-boo" is, of course, a great favorite as is "Got your toes (or nose or finger or tummy or anything else we want to "get")". He has started waving hi and bye bye recently so that has become a favorite game too. We also play a game where he'll hold something out to me and I'll take and say in a high squeaky voice "Can Mamma have that? Thank you! (in an even higher squeakier voice)" then say "Do you want it back?" to which he giggles and reaches out and takes it.

I looked over and he was playing with the burp cloth I had just used to clean spit up. EWWWWW...
(yes, my strange baby likes to play with his nasal aspirator)

"What Mamma? All babies play with their spit up rags, they told me so."

I gave him a penguin to play with from Daddy's penguin collection instead (shhh, don't tell Chris)



Nikki Bettis said...

That middle pic of him has got to be the cutest one EVER!! He's so cute you could just eat him up. That seriously just makes you want to go hold him.

The Q. Family said...

OMG he has GROWN since the last post!! Sitting up like such a BIG BOY! He is precious Abby!!