Friday, August 15, 2008

1st Big Boo Boo

Milo go this first big knot on the head today. He was getting toys off his toy shelf and slipped and fell, hitting his temple on the edge of the shelf. He is fine it scared him more than hurt him and after a paci and a little Mamma cuddle he was much better. It freaked me out though. I can't stand to see my baby hurt and crying. I wasn't ready to let him go when he got over it and wanted to get down and play.

"What just happened to me!?!"

My poor baby

Mamma kisses (and a bright shinny duck) fix everything.

He got over it and happily got down to play with the Diaper Genie refill.

"See Mamma, it's all better."



Elaine said...

I think bumps and falls are harder on mommies than on babies. Lots of hugs and kisses always help dry their tears...but we hurt long after they have forgotten.

Glad to see him happy again!

Shannah said...

I'm so glad to see so many posts!

Poor Milo, but he looks happy.

I was shocked by how long your hair is -- it's been way too long since I've seen you!