Tuesday, August 26, 2008


He said it! He finally said it!!! Milo has said a few real words now like uh-oh, Callie, Dada, Nana (translation nanny), Baba (translation Bailey), Dut (which we take to mean duck) but he had yet to say a real Mama. That all changed last night. He had bonked his his head on the coffee table and Chris picked him up trying to comfort him and kept wailing "Mama. Mama." My heart just melted and I, of course, immediately snatched him from Dada and comforted my baby. Later when he got tired and wanted to go to bed he crawled over to me crying again and wailing "Mama. Mama." I wish he would say it when he's happy but at this point I'll take what I can get. At least I know that my baby wants only me when he's tired, hurt or hungry and that makes me feel good. When he wants to play though he still calls for Dada. I suppose the old adage is true Daddy means play and Mommy means business.


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Hey. I love your new layout! Where did you get it? Anyway, I didn't know if you would see if i answered on my blog, but on the photo of hunter, I didn't use any actions...I use psp. Basically I tweaked the contrast, sats, midtones, highlights, etc until I got that effect. Thanks for the comment on it! I love how it turned out also. I finally got a new camera that I have been dying for! How's Milo? He's such a doll! Hannah turned one last week and is still bald (obviously) and her 2nd tooth broke through. She has been walking for a while now, so she can practically run. She loves babydolls and anything to do with them. Email me sometime, I would love to hear more about Milo!

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Aaawwwwwwww! How cute!