Friday, August 22, 2008

Mohawk Woes

What little hair Milo has is getting very long. I can no longer get his Mohawk to stand up straight. The poor thing kind of droops off to the side. He also has little wisps of hair right above his ears that make him look, from the front, like he has a mullet but he doesn't have much else. Chris and I just can't bring ourselves to cut what he has even though it's getting a bit unruly. One of us will get fed up with his untidy appearance and the other will get sad about getting it cut and then we will flip flop and just go back and forth like that. I can't believe how emotional it is just to think about getting his hair cut. What a weird thing to get sentimental about. I know he's going to have lots of hair cuts in his life, but the first one is like saying he's finally a big boy and not my little baby any more.



The Q. Family said...

he is precious! But I know what you mean about flip-flopping! Collin needs a haircut so badly, I've trimmed it a few times myself already, but taking him to a "real" hair cutting place is a different story. It's so much harder than you ever think it will be!

Shannah said...

We let Zach's grow out forever.

I think you should just let Milo have a curly comb-over for a while. :-)