Saturday, August 9, 2008

Milo: Bold Adventurer

Wow,It's been a while since I blogged last! You'll soon see why. With Milo on the move now my computer time as gone down dramatically. My little adventurer is into everything. There is no place sacred any more in our house. He also hates me being on the computer (or doing anything else for that matter) so I have to do it while he's asleep. The problem is I have to do everything else while he's asleep too! When he's awake he wants he holding him or playing with him. If I am not he will follow me around tugging on my pants leg whining and crying. It adorable and frustrating all at the same time.

Here is a little bit of what we have been up to the past couple of weeks:

Milo found a new place to play...under our dinning room table.

We went to my grandparents a couple of weekends ago and he found a new place to play there too...under her coffee table.

While we were there I though it would be nice to get his 10 month pics outside in the grass. So I put a blanket out for him to sit on never dreaming that he would crawl away since he hates grass so much. That taught me never to assume anything. My child has a intense curiosity that won't be tamed and he conquering his fear so there's no stopping him any more.

This was the only pic I got before he took off

He leaned over to touch the grass and I just thought he was exploring and would pull back onto the blanket like he always does but nope he took off crawling across the lawn.

Even he was a little stunned at what he just did!

He tired not to let as much of him as he could get away with touch the grass so he would hover one foot at a time over the grass.

When he got tired of letting it hover he would hold it.

He eventually got the hang of hovering both feet.

Eventually it got to him and he started calling for help.

He also found a new use for the exersaucer...a place to crawl under.

"That was fun! My mommy is tired from trying to keep up with me."



Shannah said...

LOL I love the grass pictures. Your baby cracks me up.

The Q. Family said...

OMG the hovering pictures are adorable!!