Monday, August 11, 2008

I made 1st B-day Invitations

It took me a little while to get my creative juices flowing but after I did I couldn't stop! Now I have so many I can't decided which to choose from.








Square collage

These are a few I was able to do for other people!

Clean and Simple

Little Cowgirl

Girly Cupcake



Sweet and Girly



melissa said...

I like the prince card.

You want to make one for Andrew??

The Q. Family said...

Could I hate you a little more for all of your creative talent?!?!? These are amazing!! How much do you charge? Can't wait to hear which one you choose to use!

Shannah said...

Wow! How will you choose? I certainly couldn't. Though I am partial to penguins, though. And giraffes. Hm.

The other cards are great, too. Have you thought of having an shop? I've been ordering stuff from there lately. I love it. Today it occurred to me that your "handmade" stuff would fit in perfectly, too.

liz barber said...

hi, just found your blog yesterday. My boys are turning one in march and i'm trying to create my own bday invitation for their party. Did you use photoshop to create your bday cards? May I ask what other programs etc that you used to create. Your invites are great looking. Thanks! Liz

Unknown said...

awesome job here ! i'm a graphic designer .. and i work doing scrapbooking and this work is lovely! really epic job! you inspire me with one os my job actually i had to do a Pixar cars card and you help me with cars card... really great job!