Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dog Show

Since Milo love dogs so much I thought it might be fun to take him to the local dog show this past weekend. He had a blast looking at and trying to reach out the stroller to pet at all the dog. Bailey had a blast sniffing lots of doggy behinds.

Bailey meeting and greeting a new friend

One sweet pup! I embarrassed him by making him wear a pink leash in front of the other dogs.

We took a break to let the older kids play on the playground nearby and Milo played on the bench

Mommy's cutie patooty

There was a contest for best dressed dog and I have come to the conclusion that Chihuahua owners are crazy. Here are a couple of my favorites. The best one was a little girl and her dog dress in matching outfits but I wasn't able to get a pic of it.

One of the greyhounds there was very interested in investigating Milo

This one is for Shannah. I thought this dog had a sweet, "I'm going to lick you in the mouth as soon as I get the chance" face like Roxie!

After it was all said and done the excitement wore Milo out and he crashed in the car.

I found a pic of the little girl and her dog! This pic was taken by a photographer from the local paper.


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Shannah said...

That is a Roxie look! :-)

I wish I could have been there... looks like fun.