Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Tricks!

This was the only pic I snapped on fathers day. I can't believe I totally forgot to get a pic of Chris and Milo on his first fathers day.
Milo can now stand for quite a while holding onto something. He can't pull himself up yet but if I prop him up he loves to just stand there and balance. It's a new favorite pass time.

Today was the first day Milo made it onto all fours from a sitting position. He doesn't go anywhere but he will rock for a bit before falling forward and doing "swimmies". But hey, making onto all fours is progress. He used to only be able to get one leg under him and have the other straight out to the side. In one way I can't wait for him to get mobile because he's frustrated with not being able to get the things he wants but in another way I'm in no hurry for it to happen. I kind of like knowing he'll be in pretty much the same place I left him.

I just happened to have the camera with me the first time he did it!

and he stretched back out again quickly.


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melissa said...

Way to go Milo!!! I just read your comments today. I was going to say was that it comes with time. I think Andrew crawled more because he was chasing after his brother and sister. Remember Anthony did not crawl that fast.
It is all down hill from here, get ready to baby proof the house!!!