Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Camp Papa Slide Show

Milo's Papa (my Father-in-Law) put together a slide show of Milo's week at "Camp Papa" I thought it was pretty cute and so sweet and thoughtful of him to do that for us. It's about 8 minuets long so make sure you Have time to watch it.

Here are the answers to a few questions about the video:

That paper he is reading in the beginning is a list of stuff I typed out for Milo before we left for them and on it it said that Milo could have as much prune juice as he wanted.

No, Milo did not actually get candy, ice cream and doughnuts. It's a running joke in our family because Papa likes to feed the grand kids anything he is eating and since I won't let him feed that stuff to Milo yet he likes to tease me about it.

Nanny's cough syrup is Brandy (that is what she gave her kids when they were older). Milo was coughing one day and I said he couldn't have any of Nanny's cough syrup. After that she liked to threaten me with her cough syrup anytime Milo would give any kind of little cough.

Ninja humor is code for Papa's jokes. He likes to slide them into the conversation when no one expects it.

During the Taking Care of Business segment Milo is taking care of his business which is why he is so red faced and straining. They sent that pic to us while we were away and the caption read "s*it still happens".


Shannah said...

WOW!!! This is an amazing gift... how wonderful!

Nessa said...

Well, I tried to watch it, but it said it was no longer available. I heard all about it though. We have some sweet inlaws don't we?

Nessa said...

With the help of a high speed connection, I was able to watch this! It's so funny and cute! Milo just gets more adorable all the time!