Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2007 Baby Name Rankings

The 2007 Social Security Administration ranking of baby names is out. Since there are a lot of mommies of babies born in 2007 that read this blog I thought it might be interesting to see where our names fell in the grand scheme of things. Apparently there were 462 other boys named Milo born in 2007 and it climbed 127 spots from 2006 to land at #548. Darn you Milo from Hero's, darn you! I picked it because it was rare. Darn you! grrr...

Here is the link so you can find out where your baby's name fell.

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Askew To You said...

I have a Max, which is rare-ish and then my girls are Bailey and Sarah - pretty common. Add to that the last name of Smith..... When I picked Bailey, I thought I was being unique. ;D

Milo is a great name. :D