Sunday, June 22, 2008

8 Month Professional Photos

Milo had his 8 month professional photos a couple of weeks ago and I just got to look at them today. They are sooo cute. It will be hard to decided which ones to get. They were taken by a lovely and talented photographer named Cyndi.



Shannah said...

Wow! Those are very good... I especially like the last one.

(But one tiny thing: your photos look this good, too. Have you thought about making a portfolio? I'd hire you. Really. To take pictures of me and my dog... :-) )

The Q. Family said...

Abs, I must agree with Shannah 100%--- your photos are JUST AS GOOD if not better! I'd hire you in a second!! But Milo looks beautiful i nthese shots and I love his hippo Janie and Jack outfit!!

Askew To You said...

These are beautiful. What light is that? Is it evening? He sure has some gorgeous eyelashes. Boys always get those great lashes, though, don't they. I think that I like the second one best. You can't see his face as clear, but there's something extra sweet about it. I think it's because it shows he's curious, he's looking down at something, must be something fascinating because it's keeping him from looking at the lady with the camera. :D

Askew To You said...

Thanks for getting back to me about that light. I thought it looked evening and I read that early evening and early morning are the best light. Can you imagine getting a little one ready for a 6am photo shoot? Yikes.

Thanks for what you said about my Trinity photos. My poor loved ones - I am driving them crazy with my new camera.