Thursday, March 6, 2008

6 Month Growth Spurt Early

I think Milo is on his 6 month growth spurt a little early. He has been a little irritable and hard to console, wants to nurse all the time, and is waking up at night needing to eat. I hate growth spurts. Yes, it cool that he is growing but it really hard when your baby who used to sleep through the night no longer does. It makes me soooo tired. I get used to being able to sleep to a certain time and then, WHAM, he starts waking up a 1 or 2 am. And one of the things that make it harder is that he doesn't like his bottle. He wants to nurse, but with my low supply issues he doesn't get enough just nursing. It's work for Chris to give him a bottle and he flat out refuses to take it from me unless we've nursed first and sometime not even then. I count the days until things are back to normal.

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Lili Thoughts!! said...

Glad I read your post. Think my bub is going through this 6 month growth spurt although at times I think she is just being cheeky. If she howls and I do not feed her and pick her up instead she grins at me...surely that means she is not in any pain? i suppose we just keep feeding and this will pass...she will not take any formula ...quite happy with water and having her solids but no formula. She used to once a week go on formula so not sure why she is off it now....and i will be going back to work...!