Wednesday, March 12, 2008

!!!Baby Mohawk!!!

Milo finally kind of has enough hair for a baby Mohawk! I am so excited!

What a cutie

"Mom, baby mohawks are fun!"

He was totally surprised by how cute he is

The side view

"Viva Le Baby Mohawk!"

It's already bringing out his inner bad donkey

We're having giraffe for dinner



Nikki Bettis said...

You did it!!!!! I LOVE the do! He's got plenty of hair now to pull it off! He's soooooooo cute!

Shannah said...

Haha... he looks like a cupie doll from the front!

I love the side view. Now all you need to do is dye it blue. ;-)

Nikki Bettis said... I'm pregnant and bored with nothing to obsess about except this new pregnancy. I got addicted to new entries from you as I war with my insomnia so where's a new one????? LOL! At least some pics or somethnig!!! I know....I'm one to be talking. I think I'm back down to 1 new entry a week. Ugh!