Sunday, March 23, 2008

Milo's First Easter

Milo had his first Easter today! We didn't hunt eggs or anything becuase, as Chris pointed out, we would be the ones to hide them and then find them. We'll save that for next year when Baby Boy can hunt his own eggs and I can snap pics. We did go to Church and our friend Shannah came with us. The service was all about the Passover which I found it very interesting becuase, being a gentile, I knew next to nothing about Passover. The symbolism is amazing. Then we came home and had Chili and Coke Cake that I made. I know, not the traditional Easter feast but still very good. Shannah even stayed for lunch even though she is a vegetarian (she had veggie stuff instead) Chris got a nap this afternoon while baby boy an I went to check out the new World Market that just opened up. It's so cool! I could spend Chris' whole pay check in there (don't worry Honey, I won't). I spent most of the time in the gourmet foods area and came home with some great stuff. I tried lavender chocolates for the first time and WOW where they good (very exotic to my palette)! All in all it was a very good day.

Baby Boy in his Easter outfit. Isn't he cute!

Baby Boy with Nanny and Papa

We kept trying to get him to look at us and he kept laughing at the dog who was over to the side.

Our Little Family

Mamma's Sweet Baby Love

Shannah and Bailey


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Shannah said...

Great pictures!

I love the one of you and Milo best.

(Bailey's fur is so shiny and conditioned...wish my hair looked like that...)