Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milk Matters

I got concerned that Milo was not getting enough milk again despite my best efforts so we went to see the lactation specialist again today. We weighed him before and after his feeding to see how much he was getting. The good new is that he is getting more than I thought the bad new is that it's still not enough. He should be gained .5 to 1oz a day and he isn't making that goal. I have only been weighing him every now and again to see that he is indeed making progress but now I think I am going to be taking him to the weekly weigh-in's at the hospital to see how much he is actually gaining per week. The problem with getting more milk into him is that he won't take a bottle from me. He won't even take a bottle if I am in the room. Chris has actually been feeding him and it was going smoothly until I just walked into the room and Milo rejected the bottle and started crying. That kid wants boob and nothing else will do. I am not really sure where to go at this point. I am frustrated and need to do something but I am not sure what. I am thinking of trying some herbal supplements in addition to the medication I am taking. They didn't work all that well by themselves but maybe in combination it will be enough to push out that little more he is needing. Nursing is such hard work but I am still determined we WILL make it to a year.


The Q. Family said...

Abs, I just wanted to send you some positive thoughts. I think you are such a champ with your dedication to making BF successful, and for that, I *know* you will find a way to make it work! Grow Milo, Grow! You're in my T&P's! :-)

Shannah said...

I'm with Wendy-- way to go with your dedication.


Nessa said...
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Nessa said...

Okay, I removed my first comment because I cannot type. Anyway, I really admire your dedication. I agree with everyone else, I just know this will work out for ya'll. Sending positive vibes your way!

Love ya!