Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Milo is Sick Again

The day before yesterday Milo had been exceedingly whinny. He would just lay there and whimper so we would pick him up and he would cry. Nothing was making him happy. Then yesterday after his morning nap he woke up and was boiling hot and lobster red. So I took his temp. and he was running a fever. I couldn't get him in to the doctor until today though. So after waiting forever the doctor came in and said his throat was red and had ulcers on it and it was probably a virus and there was nothing he could do. Just give him Tylenol to keep him comfortable and juice to keep him hydrated. When we got home I tried to give Milo the juice but he didn't want it so I sat the bottle on the floor behind me to cuddle him. Bailey, who came in to inspect the goings on, did want that bottle very much. I turned around just in time to see him licking the nipple. YUCK! I'm so glad I saw that or other wise I would have tried to give Milo that bottle again!

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