Wednesday, March 19, 2008

R.I.P. Motorola Razor

My cell phone died a tragic death in the mouth of my 5 month old the other day. I was at the computer with Milo in my lap and the poor unsuspecting phone was sitting on the desk. Then suddenly, like a baby snake, Milo struck out and grabbed the razor and gave it a good gumming all over. It was soaked. I see now that I should have seen the signs but I thought nothing of it until later that night when I went to plug it in and discovered that it needed life support. It wouldn't respond to our attempts at resuscitation no matter how we tried. All it did was lay there and flash at us, it's only signs of life. It was about 15 minutes later that Chris and I decided that we had done all we could and it was time to pull the plug. I mourned the razors tragic death all the way to the store where a new shinny pink phone purchased to comfort me. To add insult to injury Chris decided he wanted to do an autopsy, so my poor pink friend is now sitting in a box awaiting it's turn to be torn apart and inspected with all the other electronics that had lived such terribly brief lives in our care.

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Elizabeth said...

how crazy! my razr got put in a cup of water, i mean completely submerged, by hunter, and i thought it was a gonner. and dh came home and plugged it in, and it lived!!! wow! sorry, but i bet u like ur new one! btw, i got that blog layout at and also, i stole ur popart idea, and ur teacup one. i stalk your blog for your ideas!! haha