Friday, January 11, 2008

The Other M&M

I was doing a Google search for Milo's name yesterday and found out that there is someone else with the exact same name as my little M&M! The other other M&M is a retired Lutheran minister living in Mentor Minnesota. Our last name is not exactly obscure but it's not that common either and then to put it with Milo which is quite rare...How bizarre! I guess that just shows you how many people there are in the world. We wanted something that sounded good with our last name, clearly someone else thought it did too.

Our little M&M

The Other M&M

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Nikki Bettis said...

He is so so so cute!!!!!.........the young one, not the old one. I can't get over how pretty he is. Y'all made a pretty good looking baby. Gavin's pretty cute but his ears just make me laugh. It makes him so cute but it took me some getting used to. So far the predictions are that he'll grow into them. LOL! When he smiles it makes them stick out farther so he looks like a cross between Dumbo and Yoda. LOL! I have defintely fallen head over heels for them though! I remember fearing I'd have ugly babies when I was pregnant with Grayson and now here we are with 7 gorgeous kids.

Milo is just such a perfectly pretty baby! He's going to be one good looking kid as he gets older!