Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bad night, Bad, Bad Night

Last night was our second attempt at sleeping in the crib and it did not go well. He woke up every hour screaming. It was like it was when he was a new born again. He's asleep right now in the crib (I would go get a pic but I am terrified of waking him) and has been so for a little over an hour so my hopes are high that I might actually get some rest tonight. I am SO tired. I actually cried to day because I was so tired. It did finally dawn on me though that he might be waking to eat so much at night because I am letting him take four hour naps during the day rather than waking him up to eat. So I will start with the new "wake the baby up to eat no matter what" plan tomorrow. It was just so nice to be able to either get a decent nap with him or get stuff done around the house.(sigh)This parenthood thing is exhausting!

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