Friday, January 25, 2008

Up the Poop Shoot

Milo has not pooped in four days now so I finally got worried enough to call the pedi. and they told me to go get a glycerin suppository to give him and give him a mixture of water and juice. I was really nervous about sticking that thing up my son's butt, but I am so thankful that my mother is a nurse so I could call her and get her to give me instructions on how to do it. That was really helpful, and as it turned out I would not have done it right if left to my own devises. I still didn't like having to do that to him and I'm upset that my son is uncomfortable anyway so I'm crying and crying and he is uncomfortable so he is crying and crying until I finally got the thing in. Then that started a whole new crying jag as it started to work and made Milo even more uncomfortable. I laid him on the floor thinking that movement would help him work out his issues and I laid down on the floor beside him and rubbed noses with him trying to comfort him. When 20 minutes had gone buy and his diaper still wasn't full and he was still crying I got him up and nursed him knowing that was sure fire way of comforting him and he usually went after he ate anyway. As always, the boob worked and he calmed down much to my relief. In the end everything worked out alright but it broke my heart to have to do that to my baby. I guess these are the trials of motherhood. I never realized such small, seemingly insignificant things like giving you son a suppository could be so painful to do. I suffer when my baby suffers. There are of course people I love in this world and who I never want to see hurt or made to suffer in anyway but I have never experienced so much of an attachment that I cry when they're constipated.

There are definitely no pictures on this one. I figured it was best to spare you the visual.

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