Friday, January 4, 2008

Tummy Time Sucks

Milo hates tummy time. He screams almost as soon as I lay him down in his tummy so we don't do it as often as we should I guess. But every little while I get to fearing that he's not developing properly so I plop him down on his tummy and let him cry for a couple of minutes Then I can't take it any more and pick him up and we cuddle until he calms down. But he got a tummy time toys for Christmas and the other night I set up his blanket and the toy on the floor to give this thing another shot to see if the toy made it better. He did better but he still screamed it was just delayed a little. The toy has this spinning rattle thing on one side and at one point I was trying to distract him so I started spinning the thing and he was still crying but also trying to laugh. That made me giggle! I wonder how this boy is ever going to learn to crawl he just can't stand to be on his tummy.

The evolution of the tummy time cry:

Milo and his new tummy time toy

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