Monday, January 14, 2008

Farm Fun

We went to visit my Nanny and Papa this weekend and it was fun. We stopped to eat lunch on the way there and met up with Chris' Mema and Pepa, Mother and Daddy and Nanny and Papa. I'm always glad to see them and for them to see Milo. They all enjoyed eating with Milo. We put him in the middle of the table in his Bumpo and he watched us eat and gets to interact with us. I have noticed that he drools more then than any other time. (hmmmm...)

Beautiful Baby Boy

He's just got that "Ahhh" look on his face

Happy Baby

"why do you keep flashing that thing in my face"

Milo and his Great Nanny

This is what happens when you try to do a photo shoot to close to nap time

Gamaw Kisses

Papa Kisses

Milo and Great Papa

Nanny loves Milo

Drooly Boy

"Who's cute? Me?"

"ok, you're right, I'm cute!"

Playing with Papa

Such a beautiful smile

Milo was fascinated with the stuff on Papa's overalls

It won't be long before he starts walking (at least not long enough, *sigh*)

Playing on the floor with Daddy. Chris had his PJ's open to tickle him.

Gamaw getting in on the floor play action.

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