Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Party!

We had our small group Halloween party last night with another small group! It was fun even though I was suffering with allergies becuase of the weather.

Here are a few pics:
I was Devil in a blue dress
Brooke (the blonde Hollywood Bomshell) and Amanda (A slightly freaky clown)
Chris was Cat in the Hat!
Me and My honey
You can't tell in this pic but my shoes have red sequins all over them!!!! I was super psyched about them.
Kevin (AKA Ron Burgundy)
Miss Brooke
Polar oppsites
Shonnah and Jason came as Shonnah and Jason
Mindy came in her scrubs.
Me and Brooke
Tiffani (the angel) and Jimmie (the english constable)
Travis (the gladiator) and Megan (the greek goddess)
Toni (the very freaky clown)
The girls
The guys (yes, Toni is pulling Chris' tail)
Chris giving Jason a lick (he took his character seriously)
The MEDS small group
Our small group (PBnJ)



The Q. Family said...

Abby! You look "HOT!" (pun intended) :o)

Shannah said...

Wow, that looks like fun!

The cat in the hat suit cracked me up, and then seeing him next to you in the devil ears...ha!

And, mostly, I'm just jealous about your red shoes.