Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Red Raider

I put on Milo's Texas Tech outfit today to show his school pride and he was so stinkin' cute I could not resist sharing pics! Go Tech!!!
Strutting his Red Raider Pride!
Taking a break to play with Mama's cell phone
I took him outside to walk around and show off his spirit to the neighborhood. At first he didn't want to walk, it took a little coaxing.
He took off eventually though
The determined, go get 'em strut
Yelling out for all the street to hear
He's got his game face on.
He has actually been snarling like this a lot lately. Sometimes he does it in place of a smile.
He got distracted by the neighbor's flower bed decorations.
Mommy's little Red Raider!



Shannah said...

So cute!

I particularly love the "snarl."

jaxmom said...

Oh my goodness! He is just gorgeous! Love the little Tech outfit- it's adorable =)

Elaine said...

He is the cutest little Red Raider I have ever seen! Love his sweet smile!