Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday A.

Milo went to his first birthday party yesterday! He had so much fun he worn Mama out. Milo spent most of the party trying to escape and roam free in the building. At first I tried to keep him in the room but I eventually gave up and just followed him. Since A's birthday was so close to Halloween they made it a costume party so he went in his penguin attire. All the kids looked so cute and I loved the idea!
Mommy's sweet little penguin.
It was so hot in his costume that he kept downing juice. When I took it off of him to eat he was soaked in sweat
Miss KB as Snow White
KB peeked Milo's interst
Coming in for a closer look
He gave her his patented snarl smile. What woman could resist such charm and cuteness?
"I think I like her Mama."
He was Mr. Social Butterfly, greeting everyone, whether they wanted him to or not.
The flower princess birthday girl, Miss A.
We tried to get all the kids together for a group shot but Milo kept leaving.
My little escape artist on the run.
I kept bringing him back, but to no avail, he just wouldn't stay put.
K.B. trying to steal A.'s flower hat.
I think JT was giving Milo some competition.
I think she was ready for cake! I don't blame her I would be too!
I tried to keep Milo entertained with some games like peek a boo from behind the chair and cereal in the room,
But I couldn't keep the boy contained.


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Missy said...

Love the penguin costume!! That is so darn cute!