Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I took Milo to the pumpkin patch yesterday to get a pumpkin to carve. He was so tired though that by the time I gave up on trying to get a good pic of him we just left without getting one. I think he's gotten used to me taking his pics becuase he just ignores me now. I couldn't get him to look at me once!
Sittin' in the hay
I knew if I put him in the hay he wouldn't move because he wouldn't want to touch it. He still wouldn't look at me though.
"Mama, the sun is BRIGHT!"
Reaching out for a test touch.
He very quickly pulled his hand back and started whining for me to get him out of that stuff.
Checking out the decor.
He hasn't quite gotten the hang of walking in his shoes well so he falls often. I thought the grass all over his booty was too cute.
Checking out the gourdes
Trying to be a big boy and push the cart himself
I tried to put him in a red wagon to get him still enough to take a pic,
But he just tried climbing out of it. I gave up after that because he nearly hurt himself.


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