Friday, October 3, 2008

Party Like You're ONE!

Milo's first b-day party was last Sat. and it went wonderfully! We had all the people we loved there and everyone had a good time. Of course it was bitter sweet for me since my baby is growing up faster than I want him to but I still had a good time celebrating my first child's first year of life.

I put the camera in the more than capable hands of my friend Shannah so I could just enjoy myself and not worry about taking pics. My father-in-law also gave me a copy of all the pics that he took so i have plenty of images to remember Baby Boy's birthday by.

Baby Boy's Birthday Banner
Gavin, riding in style on my Brother Brad's back
Daddy the tickle monster
Ethan, being very entertained by a beach ball
Ganmaw love
The intense look on his face makes me laugh
Aubry and Kaylee, they were having girl talk!

The loot
Milo thought he would get into the presents while Momma's back was turned
Memaw and Pepa, Milo's great grandparents
Milo and Brooke wondering why they could go outside and eat with the big kids on the patio
Ganmaw playing with Milo
Momma and the Birthday Boy
Milo having fun with Papa
This chair was my younger brothers and my parents brought it for Milo to use. It was so bitter-sweet to see him in it.
"Hi, Shannah!"
Nanny and Milo
Nanny Kisses
Nanny makes a good perch
Smiley Gavin and his momma Nikki
Milo was getting hungry. He does this when he wants to nurse and, obviously, I had never seen what it looked like before. It made me laugh :)
Our Family
Chris, master chef, grilling the hot dogs.
Milo chowing down on lunch. He didn't eat very much. I think he knew better things were coming.
Opening presents
"Oooh, this box is cool!"
He spent a long time playing with the lids.
Milo and I looking at the penguin book he got.
He got a toddler telephone that he now drags around the house nonstop.
"I'm going to look stylin' in that!"
This horse whinnies at him and it make him belly laugh everytime.
He finally got to play with the popper and nobody told him no!
"WOW! Thanks!"
He also got a pop up toy and he LOVED it. He finally figured out how to play with it on his own the other day so he no longer need me to make the things pop up for him.
I stacked the blocks for him to see what he would do with them...
...I could have guessed.
Mommy and Daddy got him musical instruments to play with. I may look back on it as a moment of insanity but right now I think it's cute to watch him play with them.
Born to Rock
"let's get all the instruments in on the action!"
Getting him undressed for the cake smash
We did a combination Prince and Penguin theme.
The Royal Penguin cake
Milo's smash cake
Blowing out the candles, I wonder what his birthday wish was?
At first he was unsure about the cake
Getting sticky icing on his fingers didn't really help with the apperention.
But once he got a taste of it he was shoving it in with both hands! LOL!
Milo al a icing
The suagr high is kicing in.
He got it everywhere, even in his hair.
"OMG! this is so good!!!!!!" since this Milo has not eaten very well and Chris says we activated the dessert gene. LOL! He hasn't felt well though so I hope at least that has more to do with it than birthday cake does.
The prince presiding over his royal feast
"Okay, enough with the crown."
I cut the cake so all the kids probably got a bigger piece of cake then they had every had in their whole lives! Is there really a question as to where Milo got the dessert gene from :).
Me and my corner piece!!!!!
He had to give Milo a bath to get all the icing off. He wasn't thrilled about it either but he looks so cute wrapped up in his towel after his bath though.
After cake and everything the kids decended on the presnet chaos
Milo in present heaven.
This was a car that my dad built for us when we were little and gave to Milo. He loves to push it around the house now.
Brad and Gavin were playing with the pop up toy and Milo just had to get in on the action. It was sweet to watch the two youngest cousins play together.
The chair quickly became a ladder to the TV. Momma put a stop the that post haste.
All the cousins mostly looking at the camera and mostly smiling (photoshop is amazing!).
From left to right: Gavin, Grayson, Garret, Grant, Aubrey, Evye, Milo and Garrison.



melissa said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Milo. Happy birthday to you!!!!!
Looks like you had a great day. Abby, I got the commemt about first child:)
Andrew's is less than a months and I am not looking forward to my last first birthday party:(

The Q. Family said...

What precious Pictures and a beautiful celebration! You did such a wonderful job with decorations and planning everything Abby! Thanks for sharing the photos... I can't believe he's ONE!!!!!!!!!!

LOLI said...

Hey Abby, great party pics. I haven't seen Brad and NIkki in ages. How many of those children belong to them? Looks like you really know how to through a party!

LOLI said...

Well Milo is adorable and has beautiful cousins. Where in the boonies do you live? And where are Brad and Nikki? I'm so bad about keeping in touch with people. I love this blogging thing! It is helping!

Shannah said...

Wow! You didn't disappoint with the pictures! :-)

Thanks for letting all of us share in the fun...again!