Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

Chris' birthday was a couple of days ago and Milo's Nanny and Papa were sweet enough to watch him for the whole night so Chris and I could have a night together. It was wonderful to have a whole child free evening with my hubby when he wasn't working on his masters degree!

Here are a few pics that we snapped when we dropped Milo off at his Nanny and Papa's.
Our Family
We kept trying to get Milo to smile but he would only do it when we tickled him
He was fascinated with my earrings
That quickly turned into a game that hurt.
Chris and his mom
Milo's Great Memaw and Pepa are in town!
Milo and Nanny
Memaw, Milo and Nanny
Milo and Papa


1 comment:

Shannah said...

You look really cute--I like the vest. :-)

And Milo and Chris are cute, too, of course.