Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Milo is really walking a lot now a few days after his first birthday he walked all the way across the living room! He didn't do it all in one go though. He would take a few steps, squat down and wait a little then stand back up and take a few more steps until he made it all the way across the living room. Since then his confidence has grown everyday and he walks more and more. He still prefers crawling but I am sure walking will win out soon. Then he will be running and I won't be able to keep up! I love how proud of himself he looks when he does it too. He has this "Look at me, aren't I hot stuff!?!" look on his face every time he walks a few steps.

He not really as fast as the video makes it seem. I don't know how it happened but for some reason the video got sped up so it looks like he's on an "after birthday cake" sugar high but he's not.



Nessa said...

Oh wow! He's such a big boy!

Shannah said...

WOW! He's so fast!