Friday, February 8, 2008

4 Month Update Update

After we had Milo's 4 month appointment last Wednesday and found out that he was very under weight I went to see a lactation consultant to see if it was a nursing problem. As it turned out my supply was very low and had been for a while. Milo is just such a laid back baby that he didn't really fuss after his feedings even though he wasn't getting enough to eat so I never really put two and two together that he might not be getting enough. I was very disheartened that my body didn't seem to be doing what it should be doing but I was relieved that it really was just lack of calories and not some grave illness. So armed with that information we started supplementing with formula. I would nurse him as normal and then top off the tank with formula. We also nursed more often and I pumped more often in order to increase my supply. I took him back to the lactation consultant on Tuesday and he had gained more than half a pound but my supply had not gone up so I am trying a medication to help increase it now. When we took him in to the doctor to have him reweighed this week she was very happy with his progress and said that if it got to the point where he was only taking a small amount of formula after each feeding than I could probably go back to exclusive nursing. So far he seems to be taking less formula than before but is still taking quite a bit so for right now we will continue on with supplementing. He is still long and thin but he has definitely chubbed out considerable this last week. It was amazing to me how fast it happened.

Here are a few pics I took a couple of days ago.


Shannah said...

I LOVE these pictures.... wow!

The Q. Family said...

pictures are gorgeous and I'm so glad you have a plan for "Operation Fatten up Milo!" Are you taking Fenugreek? That is over-the-counter and my LC suggested I take that to increase my supply and it definitely worked. :)