Friday, February 22, 2008

Sitting Alone for the First Time!

This week has been quite a week for big accomplishments. First Milo got two teeth and then, at not quite 5 months old, HE SAT ALONE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!! I went into his bedroom to get pics of the nebulizer equipment and when I cam back Chris was trying to get him to sit alone. So I very luckily happened to have my camera in hand when he did it for the first time! I am so happy and proud. Granted he is VERY wobbly and can only do it for a second before face planting but it still a great big accomplishment and I couldn't be happier!

The first sit pic

Still a little wobblely

Falling over, don't worry daddy caught him

Distracted by the carpet

More Practice


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The Q. Family said...

YAY for sitting up! And sorry about the nap schedule getting screwed up. Hopefully things get back to normal soon!