Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Outing at the Park

It was an unusually beautiful day today so we took Milo to the park to get out of the home and alleviate some cabin fever. Here are a few of the pics.

Milo laying in the slide

Chris pushing the stroller

He kept popping wheelies which I am sure Milo liked

Me mugging for the camera

Me pushing the stroller

The track was an oval so we kept having to adjust the shade to keep the sun out of his eyes so there was some of our outing he didn't see.

He did enjoy looking around at everything when he could though

Little piggy toes

Milo and Mama on the slide

Milo and Daddy on the slide

He's about to go down a slide for the first time (don't worry daddy held him the entire way)

At the bottom, not sure what to think about it

He also go to put him feet in the sand for the first time

And sit in the sand for the first time. He almost face planted in the sand right after this pic!

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