Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2nd Play Date

Milo and I went to our 2nd play date today. He is really beginning to enjoy being around other kids. And I am definitely enjoying the company of other adults. Being a stay at home mom can get lonely and I really need the socialization. I continue to be free of the social anxiety that usually plagues me when I go to meet new people. I guess that is a sign of how much I need this. Milo doesn't do a lot of interacting yet because all of the kids are older than he is and he not quite mobile. Also there is only one other baby. But he loves to watch everybody and see whats going on. He did really well today until I got up to fix my plate of food and one of the other ladies watched him for me. He lost it about that time. I guess he's just not used to being held by people other than me and he was getting tired and hungry about that time so we left shortly there after. I did manage to get a few pics though. (finally remembered my CF card)

Milo and his new girlfriend Alysia

I think the "girls have coodies" thing starts early. We kept trying to get him to interact with her and he kept looking the other way!

This is so cute it looks like she is telling him a secret but she was actually going for his ear :)

This is Jessica

This pic of Jessica made me laugh so hard.

I am so bad with names. This is one of the twins, rocking my sunglasses right before he and his brother broke them (it's ok, they were WAY cheap)

And this is the other twin

I can't remember this little boys name but he's certainly a cutie

This is Emily

This is Alysia

This is Trenton

Jessica was very interested in Milo, especially while he was in her mommies lap!

While Jessica was playing with Milo's head he was also getting a foot rub. He was quite the center of attention for a minute!



The Q. Family said...

YAY Abby!! I am so glad you are enjoying the playgroups! This is soo good for y'all!! Will you consider enrolling him in Mothers Day Out or Preschool next year? Good for you for being brave enough to get out there, it's hard for me at first too, but once you get going it gets easier. YAY!!

amberselk said...

Abby, the pics are super cute! I'm so glad you took them. I guess Milo's girlfriend and I will see you next week!