Friday, February 22, 2008

Breathing Treatments

We had to start breathing treatments last night. During dinner Milo was sitting in his bumpo as usual and he start panting and wheezing. So I called the doc and she got us breathing treatments for him. I had to drive all over town getting the nebulizer and the meds right as it was Milo's bed time. By the time I got back it was an hour past bed time and he was UNHAPPY! One of the parts of the nebulizer is a mask for kids and it's in the shape of a dragon. The lady who showed me how to use it said that looks like a fire breathing dragon when it's going and the mist is coming out of it. I thought that was a really cute idea for a kid who has to use the thing all the time. The mask is for kids though and is WAY too big for Milo so we are using a tube to blow the mist in his face. He is not overly fond of it but doesn't fight it too badly.

This is the dragon mask. It's it cute!

The nebulizer


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