Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

I spent the Super Bowl taking pics of my baby and occasionally looking up to watch the commercials since they are the only thing I was interested in. After Chris explained to me that the Giants were the underdogs though I was, ofcourse, happy they won!

Here is a few of the pics I took.

Happy boy in a bumpo

I had him sitting in the boppy and he would get startled everytime he would start to tip over

After he got over being startled though it was great fun.

Falling to the front

I kept trying to take his picture and he kept trying to turn around to watch the game.

Fascinated by the Giants

Those last 30 seconds were a real nail biter

"Did you see that!"

He is so happy that Giants won! (he looks like he's been hitting the milk hard in this pic!)

Chris spent the Super Bowl working on a paper for his masters and taking breaks to watch the commercials. He's happy the giants won too!

My hair kept getting in the way of the flash while I was tickling him but I still thought it was a cute grin!

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